Vtech InnoTab Vs. LeapPad Explorer: Which Is The Best Kids Tablet PC?

There’s no doubt about it: tablet computers for kids are taking over this holiday season! Many of the big manufacturers are getting in on the trend. The question is, which is the better tablet out of the Vtech InnoTab Vs. LeapPad Explorer? They’re similar in design, they’re both tablets for kids aged between 4 and 9, and they both have a range of learning apps. Keep reading to help make your decision easier.

Price And Cartridges

Coming in at around $80, the Vtech InnoTab is around $20 cheaper than the LeapPad Explorer. This is something that’s sure to sway a lot of customers, given the fact that they share many of the same features.

That said, it’s important to consider how much it’s going to cost you in the future. If you’re planning to buy extra games in the form of cartridges, the LeapPad wins with an average price of $20 compared to the InnoTab’s $25. Note that the Vtech InnoTab is also incompatible with cartridges from the V Reader, whereas the LeapPad can take cartridges from the Leapster Explorer. Useful to know if you already own one of the earlier devices.


The design of the two kids tablets is largely the same. Both of them have a five inch color screen, both screens can be controlled either by touch or with a stylus, both of them have a tilt sensor to detect movements, and both of them are designed to be colorful, durable and child-friendly.


One big difference between the two devices is the fact that the LeapFrog LeapPad includes a camera. This is an excellent edition for kids who may still be too young to properly take care of a digital camera. It means they can take their own photos and create home movies. There’s no such option with the InnoTab.


The Vtech InnoTab only comes with 64MB included memory, meaning you’ll need to buy an SD card to store more on the device (this is cheap but necessary). The LeapFrog LeapPad, on the other hand, comes with 2GB included. This is probably enough for your child’s needs but there’s no option to expand it if you do fill it up.


Both tablets share the picture viewer, eReader and video player in common. However, a noticeable omission from the LeapPad is an MP3 player, which the InnoTab includes. On the other hand, InnoTab users can’t benefit from video/ photo capture tools.

Which Should You Choose?

As you can see, in the battle of the Vtech InnoTab Vs. LeapPad Explorer, there’s no clear winner. Yes, the former is cheaper, but its cartridges cost more. The latter may have a camera, but it lacks a simple MP3 player that many kids could benefit from. It ultimately comes down to two things: your experience with the manufacturer in the past, and any specific features you know your child’s looking for.


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